Before I get started let me say that I don't care what some of you will have to say.  You can say I'm overreacting because the Eagles are 0 and 2, say I'm young and don't know what I'm talking about, say I'm too sensitive, I'm a bandwagon fan, or whatever other insult you can easily say behind the safe veil of the internet.

I feel something is missing this year, and I think it goes even further back. THIS WAS THE DALLAS GAME!!  Yet the fun bunch hid in the back room and only came to the front to tell that crowd they weren't cheering correctly, weren't loud enough, and we're disappointing. The 50/50 which is usually the biggest of the year barely yielded 50 bucks and at some points in the 4th quarter there were club members chanting "Philly sucks" along with the 2 Cowboys fans that showed up. That's not my club.

The old saying "if you love something let it go" rings true to me these days. The feeling of brotherhood, camaraderie and family I've loved about The Nest is gone. I'd rather sit on a couch by myself, or in a friend's living room with our kids than watch adults act so much like toddlers. Throwing ice cubes at people is never cool, and it is a sure-fire way to show your maturity. Again, feel free to flame away.

Those of you I've befriended throughout the years know where and how to find me.  Maybe I'll be back at some point. Maybe not. I really don't know. All I know is that I've been losing sleep since Sunday and the majority of it has nothing to do with the shit-show that was on the field but the unnecessary disrespect shown between fellow club members. To the haters and poor-sports - kiss my ass. You've ruined something I held near and dear to my heart. To the rest, I wish you well.

Peace & love, Angelo
1993 - 2019
Let's hear from you about OUR EAGLES


I like to respond to what Rico said about Vick.  First of all, damn I hope he's right!! But, I continue to have doubts about Kelly looking for Vick to run his offense.  Rico, I agree with your reasons why he apparently is going with Vick, but I prefer a coach that uses the strengths of the players he has, rather than trying to put a round peg in a square hole.
 I remember many players' reaction when Kotite took over.  Players, including Seth Joyner, wondered who could handle Ryan's 46 defense.  Kotite, one of the very few coaches in Eagles history to have a winning record, hired Bud Carson as defensive coordinator. Carson said, I could teach the 46, 3-4, 4-3 or any other defense.  It all depends on the type of players.  In 1991, the Eagles defense had one of the best years in the history of the NFL.  They started falling off the following year with the death of Jerome Brown and the implementation of free agency.
 The point is: a good coach can adapt to what he has.  In 2012 the Offensive were greatly affected by the injuries on the line.  We have said through the years that Reid didn't run enough.  I believe that the Eagles could succeed better if Kelly combined the west coast offense with his greater desire to run.  Foles then would better able to succeed as quarterback.  I'm not saying Foles is the next Brady, but I liked what I saw and think he, and an improved defense, have a much better chance of succeeding than an aging, injury, and turnover prone QB Vick.
What's on my mind is this most disappointing season in recent memory. Last year was bad too, but I truly thought the Eagles had learned from last year's mistakes. I can't understand how this team has continued to get worse instead of better. Maybe it's time for some major changes. I don't know. That being said, I'll never, I repeat NEVER stop rooting on my Eagles. On that note, the crowd at JB's this year have almost been as disappointing as the Eagles season has. Not just in size, but in the energy there each week. I know it's hard to get fired up when the Eagles are sucking, but come on people! John has provided the best environment to root our team on, & it's up to us to make the place lively. So let's pull our chins up, put our big boy pants on & root our damn team on! Fly Eagles fly, on the road to victory! E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!
WTF is going on…  I feel so freakin' much better that Vick called a team meeting this week, telling the team there is still time to salvage the season.  Get your act together and pick up your 78.6 pass rating (lowest since post dog fighting stretch); 21 for 35 with 191 yards will not get it done.  They will start chanting N-I-C-K-Y (Foles may see time) if we are behind the lowly AINTS at halftime with only 95 yards in the air.  Another 8-8 year, will be cause to rid us of Andy and Michael, as well as, a few bandwagon fans.  So, put on your big boy pants, grab a shot and hold on.  We need our boys to step it up. After having Vick march down the field to win the first two late, he has been lack-luster and a football puker.  At least last week he did not turn the ball over.  So, hears to you Eagles Nester, hang in there.  We win this week and take down next two in conference games…it's a new season. God help us if that does not happen.  Having to watch Rob and Fred cry in there beer, for another second half a season, will be brutal on us all.

Last Sunday sucked, and I'm not just talking about the lackluster effort the team showed on the field.  I could go on and on about the disappointments I have with how the Eagles have played so far this year, but I need to focus on something else, the state of the club as I see it.

ON MY MIND - Angelo