On My Mind
from STEVE W.
I recently got an e-mail from an old friend who happens to be a Cowboy fan. Here it is with my reply. Hope you enjoy it.
Friend:  Once more, the difference between Cowboy fans and Eagles fans are that:THE COWBOY FANS CAN SAY THAT THEIR TEAM HAS WON THE BIG GAME!
Steve's reply:  I'm surprised. It must be your advanced age. The last time I checked, your cow bitches has not won a playoff game in 10, count 'em 10 years.
It's time that you come in from the past and live in the now. Ten f..in years and no playoff win.
I wouldn't trade NFC EAST champs 5 of the last 6 years for a super bowl in when, the 80's . That's sooooo last CENTURY.

I just want to say thanks Trotter...he is a good example of what I like about football and the Eagles! I hated the way he left the first time...and was wildly happy when he came back! So it is sad to see him go...but hopefully like Hugh Douglas, someday J. Trotter will return to the Eagles Organization in some fashion! Good Luck, #54 See ya soon back in Philly after your playing days are done!

On Your Mind
By Steve
The season is not going well, but as real EAGLE fans we've been down this road before. We know that they'll get better, but maybe not his year. As fans, however,  we always feel that a bad season isn't totally bad when we beat the 'Boys at least once.
Let's begin the turn around this week by not just beating them but HURTING them
On Your Mind
By Ray
Okay, the Eagles are down 3-4. They've taken two losses in the division and losing to Chicago?!?! What the #*$&% was that about? First, I am not giving up on this season. Yes, a bad start and chances are good that the playoffs are out of reach....but not impossible. Last year everyone stuck a fork in the birds-until the last 5 games. Even a former coach of the Cowgirls, who said the Eagles were going nowhere, admitted on national TV..."I never said I was right!!." So, I will continue to believe until they are mathematically eliminated. Next, win, lose or draw the Eagles are my team. If there is one thing I really dislike, it is a fairweather fan. If they go 3-13 this season, I'll still watch every game (and be thrilled about the high draft pick we get next year!) And, to go back to the old days, even if this season tanks....
 a couple of wins over Dallas makes it feel pretty good. So,
E-A-G-L-E-S ! ! !

On Your Mind
Hey folks! Mark in Boise here            ( originally from Philadelphia, of course ) these are dark days for sure, the front office has let us down in bringing receiver help yet again. I'm still watching.
Mark K.

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On My Mind
By: Rico
Some will say, "how can you think we'll beat them when you're an Eagles fan and you should know better than to get your hopes up". But I've been an Eagles fan for almost 30 years and if you look back at our history, we almost always play better as the underdog. Plus, the Eagles have a weapon that the Patriots do not, Brian Westbrook. He is a premier player in the league and  Reid did not utilize him the way he should have in Super Bowl XXIX.
 I know it was only Miami  we beat last week, but in the 2nd half Westbrook and the "O" line mauled their "D" line. Remember when we destroyed the Cowgirls on Christmas last year (how could you not)? Our "O" line killed them and I started to see that same mentality last week. I love McNabb as a player, but I am really starting to believe that the Eagles play more smashmouth football when he's not playing. So yes, I really believe that we're gonna shock the world this Sunday and beat the Patriots. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, you damn Patriots bandwagon fans - you heard it here first.

On My Mind
By: Rico
Beating the $%^&*@# Patriots and making a playoff run like last year is on my mind. I know that everyone keeps saying that they are unbeatable and blah, blah. Make no mistake, everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE is beatable. It's not rocket science , it's football (make that EAGLES football). We can beat them if all 52 players & coaches collectively believe we will win. I firmly believe that attitude and emotion can trump talent anyday; and it's not like they're heads or tails above us in talent anyway. Just compare the rosters player for player and you'll see that there is no huge disparity as the media would have you believe; otherwise there would'nt be the old saying, "On any given Sunday...". The Patriots are favored over the Eagles by 22 points? Huh? I'm gonna play the old Rodney Dangerfield bit here and say we're gettin' no respect. Perhaps the Patriots are giving the Eagles respect, but the media and country as a whole are not. On ESPN an analyst said the Patriots would beat us by at least 30 points.
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By Steve
All the BS about getting rid of Mc Nabb is ridiculous.
He tore his knee in Nov '06 and played in Sept '07. From what I hear, it takes 12 to 18 months after repair for a player to be only close to normal.
Give me a break and give D -Mac a chance to prove himself after he fully heals and rehabs.
As the best Quarterback the Eagles have ever had
 ( sorry Jaws & Randall ), he deserves the chance.
How do you think the Eagles will do with with another quarterback, maybe one without any experience. 
I don't want to go back to 3 & 13  - just yet.

What's on my mind is that I can't wait for this season to start so our beloved Eagles can once again take their rightful place atop the NFC East and make a Super Bowl run. I believe that with McNabb healthy both physically and mentally and with more weapons on both offense and defense that we will win the close games that we lost last year.(Actually I believe that we'll have alot more blowouts than we've had the last couple of years). On the subject of McNabb, I'm expecting him to have a breakout year and quite possibly the best season of his career. I believe that the dramas and injuries of the past have only made him stronger and mentally tougher, and as they say, "Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" will hold true. I feel that he has had to endure more than his fair share of crap from not only other teammates, (they shall remain unnamed here but we all know who I'm referring to), other outside sources including the media and even the NAACP!, plus even from our own fans. I've listened intently to how he carries himself not only as an athlete but also as a human being, and it is pretty remarkable considering all that he's gone through. He could very easily be jaded and act like a jerk, but on the contrary, you see him laughing and joking and truly enjoying where he is right now. I too want the Eagles to win a Super Bowl very badly, but sometimes I think we unfairly put too much pressure on one player. Football is after all a team sport, and as much as I hate to say it, the Giants proved that last year. So let's enjoy this year because I believe it will be our best season ever, and be thankful and proud that we have have an athlete such as McNabb who truly embodies what a professional athlete should be and who represents the face of our team and the city of Philly.

Here I sit in Philly, getting ready for the rain delay of the first WS game, in 15 years, to hit out beloved town.t stormed here today, we lost power and my mom and sister are using tonight's tickets.  I just flew in from Alaska on a business trip and was packing for hunting camp, when my cousin who works in the business, called to ask me if I wanted tickets to the series. Duh! Hunted elk for four days, business meeting one day and then flew to Philly.  I knew I was home, when at midnight, a local laid on his horn and yelled FU. I smiled and thought of my Eagles Nest brethren who would be right at home here.  
Tomorrow,  I am out the door at 10:00, tailgating with my brother-in-law (season ticket holder and sends us the pretzels every year) and other hard core Eagles fans as I culminate my pilgrimage to The Link.  We will hurt the Falcons. With the return of Westbrook, Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown, coupled with a swarming defense, they are a lock.  After the game, we are going to walk to 10th and Oregon and slam a cheese steak, change out of our Eagles green and put on Phil's red to get ready for the later part of an epic double header. Will sit on the 100 level; third base line for game four of the WS.  I am fortunate to have a great family here in PA to facilitate my stay and duckets.  You are all in my heart and will call you from the game. 
Go Birds and Phil's. 

Playoffs are on my mind.  - FROM BILL M.
All is right with the world when Dallas loses its last game at its home cow pasture.
The door is open for us to be the Cinderella story of this years playoffs. We must continue to perform at the level we all knew was smoldering but not burning.  Even in loss, the opportunity in early season big games was apparent.
The die hard fans did not give up, our Eagles have not disappointed in the stretch.  In fact, we look better in each of the last few games.
It is new territory to have our Birds looking relaxed and having fun executing game plans this late in the season. Focus on red zone performance and a solid win over the Skins positions us for an epic run to the promised land. 
Phillies and Eagles as Champions, in the same year, is still a real possibility.
Go Birds!!!


An early second round pick is good value, but that value diminishes everytime we will have to play him. What do u expect from a guy who is constantly asked to throw the ball 40, sometimes 50 times a game. Yet still doesn't turn the ball over. I'm sorry, but it's not McNabbs fault that Reid constantly refuses to run the ball. John Elway was considered the biggest choker ever, and then at the end of his career Shanahan comes in and he rattles of two superbowls. Now he's considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Plus, compare Elways stats to McNabbs. McNabb has a much better completion percentage, and he also has turned the ball over alot less. Not to mention McNabb has also thrown more passes than Elway. - Cody T.

I personally think this was a stupid move, if your gonna trade the franchise qb don't do it to a division rival who needs a franchise qb, but we can see if all the Mcnabb haters were right. Hopefully Kolb is not a bum and can lead us to a championship. Managment gets paid big bucks to make these moves so we will see how it turns out. Go Eagles - Chris C.

Just don't see how we are better without him. Name 6 QB's better. More frustrating is that it's to a division rival. really, I can't stand the Redskins!  - Shanne S.
HATERS you all got what you wanted. I don't wanna hear any Bitching this year If we're 7-9 - Mark T.

We are Eagles fans...always bitchin' but loyal!! They could not get us there, buddy. It was a good run. I will have many fond Eagles memories from the McNabb/Westbrook era. It's time to re-tool the equation in hopes of a better result. Remember...
Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.
It'll be okay, just got to start saving for new jerseys. It will help the economy. It's all good.  Let it go... Bill M.

Just to confirm, I agree it was time to move on, just don't like trading him within the division. although as I said to my friend the Giants fan last night, at least you will lose twice a year to the Skins, his reply yeah but so will you. and I said yeah evens things up, well except you still have Eli Manning, and thats hardly fair. TO YOU - Mark T.

  A tough road lies ahead.  It is our first weekend in a long time without Westbrook as an Eagle.  He was a class act from start to finish and my hope is that he is remembered as one of the finest Eagles of all time.  Though I'm not as old as Steve, and I haven't watched as many backs, I feel lucky to have been a fan during his run. I love Westbrook. I even have a part of my home (the west wing) that is dedicated to the greatest RB I've ever watched.   He's the guy that returned a kick to change a game against the Giants, and the one that took a knee against the Cowboys to win the game.

 Westbrook made my week on so many occasions and it is hard to imagine him in another uniform.  I urge all members to rock 'em if you got 'em this Sunday. I know I'll  be wearing my Westbrook jersey proudly this weekend, with my head held high.  36, we will miss you.That said, Mccoy is a better back now and I'm glad he's the starter.
This off-season will be one of impact as we've already made a major change (for the better). Obviously, the QB situation is now in the forefront.  As many of you know, I love McNabb as much as, but likely a whole lot more than, the next guy. However, I do feel that keeping Kolb on our roster is important. My dream scenario is that we keep both and go into next year with McNabb as the starter keeping Kolb for our future.  He is the future in a league where QB play is so important. McNabb has more in the tank and Kolb is a stud, pay for them. I say keep the luxury of two qbs as long as we can. If they have to choose I'm comfortable with either and I trust the organization to

make the best decision.  If we move McNabb it better not be for a pick that we then trade into more late round picks. I want to see an impact if we make a move.Thanks for you input members.  There were many good ideas that I'm excited to execute.  I hate our rivals and will put effort into making some more gear for us to tell the world that the SKINS/GIANTS/FUCKING COWBOYS SUCK!!!!!  I know the club gear that we have is usually a secret until opening day. but I'm sure we can put in some orders for women's sizes and others. This  will hopefully accommodate all. It will make for gear we all want to wear with pride.   

This summer I want to get together a few times or more with the club and have some fun.  I think Sundays are the best since that's when we get together during the season.  Let's do BBQs on more than one occasion.  I will host at least one. If anyone else is interested in hosting let me know, the more the merrier.
Other ideas include:   bowling and beers, batting cages and beers, golf outings (par 3 and full out), river floats. Got more?  I'd love for us to have enough opportunities to get together so that we get to know each other more and pump the team pride throughout the city.  Let's start soon i'm thinking bowling in a week or two. I hope to see yall there.
I received some email address changes and i've tried to change my list but if i missed yours let me know again. I'll get it right eventually.  We'll get together soon!
Go birds and Westbrook - we'll miss you. 

The Eagles are first in the division and are doing better than any sports statistician would have thought.  So what if they don't win by the point spread, a win is a win.  I love that the Eagles are on top and Dallas is at the bottom --WHERE THEY BELONG.  I find it quite interesting though that so many analysts are on the Falcons' bandwagon. Eagles are first in the division and are doing better than any sports statistician would have thought.  So what if they don't win by the point spread, a win is a win.  I love that the Eagles are on top and Dallas is at the bottom --WHERE THEY BELONG.  I find it quite interesting though that so many analysts are on the Falcons' bandwagon.  The Falcons have had a cush schedule and were predicted at the beginning of the year to come out on the top of that division.  Everyone seems to forget that the Eagles beat the Falcons (with Kolb I might add) and that is when the Eagles were still trying to find themselves and never had the same O-Line week after week.  That was the same game that Akers missed 3 easy field goals because he was wearing a PINK shoe for breast cancer awareness month and the Eagles could have tacked on 9 more points.  If it comes down to the Eagles having to go to Atlanta, so be it.  Playing in a dome in January and they have already beaten them once before.  I like the scenario.  I hate to think ahead because I believe in superstition and jinxing the team, but wouldn't it be sweet if the Eagles made it to the superbowl, won in Dallas and celebrated on their field for hours.    Wouldn't that just make Jerry Jones livid?  He would be making money off of it, but it wouldn't be his sorry ass team out there.  Homo will never get them to the promise land.  But as long as Jerr Jerr stays with that coaching staff and that QB, they will continue to be sorry like the team that they are.  Dallas will always SUCK!

I'm still smiling after the epic events of Q4 yesterday. They are calling it "The Crumble".  I can't remember a more joyous time at the Nest, celebrating the four touchdowns, in the last 8 minutes of yesterday's game.  The place was packed for the first half of the gameWe lost more than half of the fans in the second half, many Nester's missed the game of games. But the core group of pain laden, cheese-steak eatin', Mummer struttin',
pretzel lovin', tasty cake munchin' misfits, shared a moment in Eagles history that will forever be lore. It reminds us that anything is possible and the game is never over until the last tic of the clock expires. This win will not only make a statement by our beloved Birds, but will give them a mind-set that may take us to the promised land. Michael Vick willed our team to a win. Proving himself to me, as having the intestinal fortitude to win. He has had a tough road back, life had thrown him a curve, and he chose to overcome all obstacles is achieving his goals. I can only imagine his thoughts as he entered the huddle, late in the game yesterday being down 21 points. It is the hard times that makes us stronger and very dangerous. It takes a very special individual, who can do what Michael did yesterday. Everyone hoped that it would happen, but only Michael believed and made it happen. Remember, anything is possible. This philosophy should govern your life. Work hard, never lose focus on your goals, be honest, understand the Art of War, and believe in yourself. Never give up; good things will happen.  Go Birds!

What's on my mind?  Well I think I speak for all of us when I say this season has been a major disappointment.  What was supposed to be a dream season has turned out to be a nightmare!  There are so many factors that added to this mess. 
I'm not going to go on ranting about all the mistakes and failures here because its just going to make me angry, and honestly, I'm sick of getting angry about my Eagles.   I'll just say this, instead of ending each season with "wait 'till next year", I'm now saying "wait 'till next coach!"
I find myself now trying to wake up from this nightmare and trying to look to the future.  I would be lying if I haven't googled a list of top college linebackers, or spent a fair amount of time speculating who might be a good new head coach.  If the season were to end today, the eagles would have the #11 pick in the draft.  Part of me wants them to finish the season with as high of a pick as possible. 
On the other hand, I bleed green.  We still have a shot at winning the division.  Sure, we have to win the remaining 3 games, and both Dallas and New York need to go 1-2. Sure it seems like a long shot, but as long as we still have a shot, my greatest desire is not for the highest draft pick, but rather the 32nd overall pick!  So let's go Eagles!  I didn't here no bell!!!

What's on my mind is the Eagles lousy start to the 2011 Season. It seems like there was just too much hype surrounding this team-and I use the word team lightly with this bunch-for them to just go out and play. Now that their record stands at 1-4 and facing the 3-1 Skins this Sunday, a 1-5 start is a real possibility. We fans ( and the Eagles themselves) will find out what this team is really made of now. Are they a team full of scrappers and will they battle till the end, or are they just a team full of prima donnas and will their season just go down the toilet or can they turn it around? One thing I know for sure is that if they do continue to lose we die-hard fans will slowly see the crowds @ the Eagles Nest dwindle to the same loyal crew who shows up each and every week-win or lose. I just don't want to hear that dumb-ass "Dream Team" moniker for the rest of the season. I friggin hate hype like that-it's why I always hated the Cowboys growing up, ala "America's Team". I actually have this strange feeling that they are gonna turn this thing around & make things interesting by season's end. We will see………Rico Aimone